Stephen Quirk

Principal Artist

Stephen Quirk originated in St. Louis, Mo.  He attended the University of MO at Columbia to study forensic anthropology.  After deciding he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life looking at dead people, he decided to start drawing and painting instead.  His talents took him to Austin, TX, where he worked briefly for Acclaim until an opportunity came up to start a freelance company with a group of other artists.  He then enjoyed several successful years at Big Sesh Studios, creating magazine covers and packaging for various video games. Seizing on another opportunity, he then moved to Champaign, where he works with a great group of talented people, pushing the envelope for next-gen gaming consoles.

Other Staff Members

Peter Hartmann
Senior Outsourcing Manager

Mitri Vanichtheeranont
Principal Technical Artist

Scott Kircher
Principal Programmer

Becky Hicks
Senior Associate Project Manager

Jeff Hanna
Principal Technical Artist

Isaac Vanier
Senior Programmer

Greg Moudy
Sr. Technical Artist

Jeffrey Bielawski

Daniel Schorsch
QA Analyst

James McClellan
Associate Project Manager

James Hague
Principal Designer

Bobbi Schultz
Associate Designer

Nadine Singer
Financial Controller

James Taylor
Principal Artist

Stephen Horn
Senior Programmer