Stephen Horn

Senior Programmer

Stephen is best recognized by his leather fedora, which he brings everywhere, and his endless wardrobe of wolf-themed T-shirts. Being a native of Minnesota, he mocks what the locals refer to as “cold”.  The Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle has become something of an annual pilgrimage for him, as a chance to step back from obsessing over games development and simply enjoy gaming.

Like many of his coworkers, Stephen spent his formative years “researching” the fundamentals of his industry. He went on to earn his degree in Computer Science from the University of Missouri at Rolla, now called the Missouri University of Science and Technology, and he remembers his university days quite fondly. Small wonder; he was lucky enough to land a job in games development right out of college. He still highly recommends any class taught by Dr. Daniel Tauritz.

After many years spent working on online features, he now works on gameplay.

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