Shawn Lindberg

Senior Programmer

Shawn began learning to program in middle school, by trying to remake Jezzball on a TI-82 calculator. In high school, he got a TI-83 and began making an RPG. Noting the superior performance of games sent between classmates’ calculators, he learned z80 assembly from documents on the Internet. After a year and a half of work, he’d made a game so large that the intro and outro cutscenes were separate because they couldn’t all fit. Some kids watch TV.

Curious about 3D graphics, Shawn wrote a 3D graphics engine on top of the DirectDraw portion of DirectX as part of an independent study as a junior. Before finishing high school, Shawn participated in 2 computer programming competitions held by the ACSL with students from his classes.

After high school, Shawn entered the CS program at the University of Illinois. He took as many computer graphics courses as he could, including some graduate courses. He spent 2 semesters working on a networked space shooter for a software engineering sequence, and then spent more free time working on it with his former classmates after the classes were over.

Shawn applied to Volition and began working here as a programmer shortly after graduating in 2004.

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