Scott Kircher

Principal Programmer

Scott joined Volition’s Core Technology Group (CTG) in 2007 after completing his Ph.D. in Computer Graphics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As part of CTG he helped develop the Inferred Lighting technology and mesh simplification algorithms used on several Volition titles. Scott was one of the main rendering programmers for Saints Row: The Third before returning to CTG to work on next-gen technology. He has published graphics papers in SIGGRAPH, the Symposium on Computer Animation, ACM Transactions on Graphics, and Computer Aided Geometric Design as well as presented at GDC.

Other Staff Members

Larry Gates
Audio Designer

George Signore
QA Analyst

Bryan Venzen

Marc Kirkland
Senior Artist

Bill Sullivan
Senior Designer

Chris Bruce
Senior Technical Animator

James Kotzian
Associate Designer

Seth Hawk
Senior Artist

Lyndsey Pendley

Jeff Touchstone
Sr. Designer

Christina Fuchs
Human Resources Manager

Alexandra Sokol
Office Manager

Jeremiah Zanin
Principal Programmer

Tim Wasson
Principal Artist

Jon Breuer
Senior Programmer