Rob Gable

Production Manager

Rob has spent the majority of adult life studying the English language.  This culminated in a Master’s in Language and Literature.  After a few years of teaching college courses, he decided to pursue his childhood dream of working on games, which ultimately led him to Volition.  In the intervening years, he has led test teams for several projects and trained over 100 testers.

Rob continues to follow creative passions outside of work, including writing fiction and poetry, creating board games, and playing the piano.  He is married to a very lucky woman.  He is also humble.

Other Staff Members

John Lynch
Principal Programmer

Bryan Mentock

Tim Wasson
Principal Artist

Stephen Tobias
Senior Programmer

Michael Schamer

Doug Nelson
Senior Designer

Jim Boone
Studio Development Director

Daniel Schorsch
QA Analyst

Jeff Keely
Senior Programmer

Camden Bayer
Senior Designer

Bob White
Senior Technical Artist

Robert Evinger
Senior Tech Designer

Christina Fuchs
Human Resources Manager

Laurel Brown
Associate UX Researcher

Jeffrey Bielawski