Nick Lee

Principal Programmer

A little green man once paid Nick a visit and spoke to him in a distinctly Muppet-like voice: “Follow you must your destiny. Leave Canada, come with me.” Nick told the little green man to sod off because he wanted to become a go-go dancer. The little green man frowned then disappeared. Nick decided to swear off toad-licking. Many years later, as Nick lay delirious among the steaming entrails of a Tau — whoops! sorry… When Nick graduated from University of Waterloo, another apparition visited him, claiming to be a friend of the little green man. “You must travel to Volition where you will train to be a Programming Master,” Mike told Nick, then vanished. Nick gave up eating Fugu-on-a-stick. In January 1999, slipping past the US border guards with a simple mind trick, (“These aren’t the drunks you’re looking for…”) Nick began work for Volition. He still maintains that Mike and Yoda are best buds.

Other Staff Members

Leslie Hess
Career Development Manager

David Cubberly
Senior Associate Producer

John Lynch
Principal Programmer

Shawn Lindberg
Senior Programmer

Scott Honningford
Senior Programmer

Mike Wilson
Principal Programmer

George Signore
QA Analyst

Chris DuBois

Will Alberts
Senior Programmer

Jason Scott
Principal Designer

Krishnan Sarkar
Associate Programmer

Lyndsey Pendley

Devin Barkley
Senior Help Desk Manager

Alexandra Sokol
Office Manager

JA Campbell
Associate Writer