Nathan Turner

Principal Technical Artist

Nathan started as a farm kid in Western Illinois and had a hankerin’ ( native Illinois slang ) for computers.  He spent most of his time messing around with Basic creating such programs as a timer, which was amazing.   He even made some 3d objects using POVray, way old school.  Once he finished up a degree in Landscape Architecture( yep you read that right ), he promptly dropped it for a 3d architectural rendering job.  The games industry welcomed him with open arms back in 2001.  From 2001 on, he’s been focused on Environment work, leading up to his proud accomplishment of becoming a Technical Artist at Volition.  Helping people make games better and faster is his main driving force.

Other Staff Members

Joe Wells
Helpdesk Technician

George Signore
QA Analyst

Damien Allen
Senior Designer

Mitch Cronin
Associate Producer

Luis Rios
Associate Technical Animator

David Kizale
Senior Audio Designer

Michael Schamer

Bobbi Schultz
Associate Designer

Jason Strauman
Associate Producer

Christian Naylor

Phil Alexander
Senior Programmer

Rusty Sempsrott
Principal Designer

Nathan Turner
Principal Technical Artist

Paul Mattione
Sr. Programmer

Jeffrey Bielawski