Nate Ward

Principal Programmer

Nate has been a gamer ever since he played the math game “speedway” on the UofI PLATO system in 1975.  He started to learn to program in 1981 on the Apple II and VIC-20, then moved on to spending countless hours playing games and programming on PLATO.  After graduating from the UofI, he worked in the education and consulting industry before coming to Volition.  When not sitting in front of a computer, he spends his spare time watching sports and playing bridge and poker.

Other Staff Members

Larry Gates
Audio Designer

David Cubberly
Senior Associate Producer

Mitri Vanichtheeranont
Principal Technical Artist

Krishnan Sarkar
Associate Programmer

Mike Watson
Sr. Community Developer

Troy Williams
Senior Artist

Ev Religioso
Principal Artist

Dave Andsager
Principal Programmer

Katherine (Marlin) Nelson

James Holland
Senior Artist

Neil Ryan
Senior Programmer

Frank Marquart
Principal Artist

James Taylor
Principal Artist

Rusty Sempsrott
Principal Designer

Nicholas Sans
Senior QA Analyst