Mike Wilson

Principal Programmer

It is rumored that Mike doesn’t own a pair of pants or know how to properly insert himself into a coat. This could be from his initial upbringing in the frozen tundra of Winston-Salem, NC or it could be that he lost all feeling in his body when he broke his head…6 times. Only Mike knows, or maybe he doesn’t at this point. Honestly, he’s lucky to know his name.

Other Staff Members

George Sokol
Senior Artist

Jeff Hanna
Principal Technical Artist

Andrew Eads
Senior QA Manager

John Brunkhart
Sr. Designer

Nadine Singer
Financial Controller

Tracy Becker
Accounting Administrator

Katherine (Marlin) Nelson

Chris Bruce
Senior Technical Animator

Randy Oberlerchner
Principal Programmer

Doug Nelson
Senior Designer

Jeremiah Zanin
Principal Programmer

Bill Sullivan
Senior Designer

Adam Pletcher
Principal Technical Artist

Ryan Spencer
Senior Programmer

Matt Currey
Senior Artist