Matt Currey

Senior Artist

Lord of Hats, began life by being born. Shortly thereafter he discovered his uncanny ability to wear hats. Not just any old hat, but every old hat. He reached out with his powers to antique shops and Internet resellers and accumulated a vast number of antique head worn allies. To keep his identity and loved ones safe, Matthew recently purchased a pair of mild mannered glasses. when most superheroes change into their costume they need to find a closet or phone booth, But not the Lord of Hats, he need merely change his headwear. So if you see a shadow of a bowler, top hat or fedora, you need not fear, the lord of hats will protect you.

Other Staff Members

Frank Marquart
Principal Artist

George Sokol
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Peter Hartmann
Senior Outsourcing Manager

Randy Oberlerchner
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Principal Designer

Brandon Bray
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Scott Holzknecht
Associate Programmer

George Signore
QA Analyst

Damien Allen
Senior Designer

Don Elmore
Manager, IT

Pedro Yapor

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Senior Technical Artist

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Associate Programmer

Keith Self-Ballard
Principal Artist