John Brunkhart

Sr. Designer

John has been gaming for almost 40 years, which is rather a long time, and remembers Pong Machines and when Space Invaders was ‘the next big thing’.  A graduate of the University of Virginia, John wrote, edited, and did odd jobs at a pen-and-paper RPG company for several years before losing his senses and going to work in the ‘real’ world.  After 15 years there, a good friend helped him realize that he was never happier than when he could work on a game.  Switching careers at the age of 41, John got some education at Vancouver Film School before shopping himself around and somehow catching Volition’s eye.  Now working as an Associate Designer, John’s the oldest ‘new-guy’ on the block and finally learning a trade he enjoys.


When not referring to himself in the third person to write his own bio, John likes to walk with his dogs, fly light aircraft, eat at good restaurants and play games and chat with online friends.

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