Jeremiah Zanin

Principal Programmer

Jeremiah grew up in Albuquerque, NM with a passion for video games from an early age. In middle school he fell in love with Basic programming. In high school he attempted to program games on a Commodore 64 and an old IBM. Eventually he got a ‘real’ computer (an early 486), that he used to make a Tetris clone in Basic. His friends convinced him to use C/C++ instead. He went on to get a BS in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics at the University of New Mexico. After graduating in the spring of ‘99, he landed a job at Outrage Entertainment, where he shipped Alter Echo. When Outrage shut down he came to Volition and worked on the Saints Row series.

Other Staff Members

James Holland
Senior Artist

Eric Warman
Senior Artist

Rick Paradise
Senior Programmer

Connor Kurtz
Associate Technical Animator

Frank Fisher
Sr. Technical Artist

Rusty Sempsrott
Principal Designer

Christine Amitrano
Associate Artist

Tracy Becker
Accounting Administrator

Trever Daniels
Technical Artist

Luis Rios
Associate Technical Animator

Jason Fass
QA Analyst

Will Alberts
Senior Programmer

Lyndsey Pendley

Collin Hasken
Associate Programmer

Jason Strauman
Associate Producer