Jeffrey Bielawski


Starting in the industry in 2005 doing writing, then moving to testing, then back to writing, then to testing again, then once more to writing has been a real rollercoaster ride to say the least.  Now as a member of the Design team, Jeffrey has finally settled into Volition to focus on the thing that started his career: creating ridiculous and memorable dialogue for great games.

Other Staff Members

Marc Kirkland
Senior Artist

Brandon Bray
Senior Audio Designer

Eric Osmundson
Sr. Systems Engineer

Ashley Jerome
Senior QA Analyst

James Kotzian
Associate Designer

Nate Ward
Principal Programmer

Darren Kent
Associate Programmer

Ryan Spencer
Senior Programmer

Troy Williams
Senior Artist

Alexandra Sokol
Office Manager

Bob White
Senior Technical Artist

Ev Religioso
Principal Artist

Marcus Cenci
Principal Outsourcing Manager

Will Tam
Senior Animator

Mike Flavin
Principal Programmer