Jeff Touchstone

Sr. Designer

Jeff, a California native, braved the frozen tundra of the Middle West to hone his design skills on the icy plains. His journey started by the sea in San Francisco where he studied the Cinematic Arts at San Francisco State University. After a brief stint as a QA Tester, Jeff struck out east to Texas where he studied the Game Dev Arts under the Master’s at the Guildhall of Southern Methodist University. In two short years he earned a Master’s Degree.

Again, Jeff heard the Call of Design and journeyed north to the Land of the Wisconsinites. There he worked for several years as a level designer. After many long winters, Jeff sought out a slightly warmer climate, and again journeyed to Central Illinois to work on Saints Row: The Third, and other Volition projects.


Other Staff Members

James Kotzian
Associate Designer

Darren Dienst
Sr. Designer

Clay Mathews
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Senior Designer

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John Brunkhart
Sr. Designer

Frank Marquart
Principal Artist

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Associate Programmer

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Senior Artist

Stephen Tobias
Senior Programmer

Joe Pagliuco
Associate Programmer

Rusty Sempsrott
Principal Designer

Stephen Horn
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Will Tam
Senior Animator