Jeff Keely

Senior Programmer

Jeff grew up on the outskirts of Pocatello, ID, where he spent many years doing various dangerous activities that resulted in many exciting trips to emergency rooms.  He decided to challenge himself by becoming an artist, despite having almost no natural talent.  This led him to study art at the University of Idaho.  He planned to start out as a 3D animator and eventually become a game designer. He discovered that most art jobs offered little creative freedom, so upon hearing about a newly formed video game school, he transferred to DigiPen to study programming.  Despite zero credits transferring, he rushed through their B.S. program in under 4 years.

In his post-graduation exuberance, he founded a game development studio, Works In Theory.  Unfortunately, Works In Theory didn’t make enough money in practice, so he signed on as a programmer at Volition to fulfill his dreams of fame and fortune.  He still enjoys dangerous activities, and can be found sword fighting on the weekends.

Other Staff Members

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