Jeff Hanna

Principal Technical Artist

Jeff started circling the abyss of games development when, while in college in 1990, he bought a game and discovered that it was very good at repeatedly crashing his Amiga 500 computer. While he should have invested his time and effort into his college studies he instead called the developer of the game and spent weeks with them getting to the heart of his gaming problems. This led him down the path of being a beta tester for future releases from that company and, after graduation in 1995, into the gaming industry proper. He finally did something smart with his life and came to Volition eleven years later.

Along with his job responsibilities as a Senior Technical Artist Jeff is a member of the Game Developer Conference Advisory Board. His role on that board is to help plan and execute each year’s GDC in San Francisco. He is also a member of the Industrial Advisory Board for the College of Technology at Purdue University, helping to shape the college’s future curriculum plans. Currently Jeff is committing his time to master Volition’s new espresso machine.

Other Staff Members

Nathan Turner
Principal Technical Artist

Andrew Eads
Senior QA Manager

Keith Self-Ballard
Principal Artist

Bryan Venzen

Don Elmore
Manager, IT

Chris DuBois

Adam Pletcher
Principal Technical Artist

Nicholas Sans
Senior QA Analyst

Clay Mathews
Senior Animator

Alicia McCoy
QA Analyst

Alexandra Sokol
Office Manager

Nate Ward
Principal Programmer

George Sokol
Senior Artist

Jason Scott
Principal Designer

Greg Moudy
Sr. Technical Artist