James Taylor

Principal Artist

Growing up in a cardboard box in windy rural South Wales, James discovered art by scribbling on the walls in crayon. For many years dreamed that he would get to work as a games artist (or possibly work on science fiction movies featuring giant robots and laser whips—he was young, and there was no rush to decide).  Eventually, through the wonders of the modern interweb highway, he got a job working on GBA titles in Leeds (UK) and was partly responsible for Barbie Horse Adventures and inversely the GBA version of Max Payne.  Finally he met a lovely American girl, moved, married her, and somehow ended up in a cardboard box in windy rural Champaign working at Volition as an “artist”.  He no longer uses crayons – that’s progress for you.

Other Staff Members

Jeff Touchstone
Sr. Designer

Rick Paradise
Senior Programmer

Stan Lee

Cameron Raab

Robert Evinger
Senior Tech Designer

Alexandra Sokol
Office Manager

Darren Kent
Associate Programmer

Daniel Schorsch
QA Analyst

Jason Fass
QA Analyst

Lorcan Murphy
Senior Designer

Randy Oberlerchner
Principal Programmer

Mike Wilson
Principal Programmer

Brian Traficante
Principal Artist

George Signore
QA Analyst

Mike Watson
Sr. Community Developer