Ev Religioso

Principal Artist

Ev grew up in the “Steel City” of Pittsburgh, PA, his youth stolen from him with long hours in various logging companies and steel factories. Actually, Ev grew up in a suburb of Pittsburgh called Jeannette, and spent his childhood drawing superheroes and playing Nintendo. Yet his life changed forever when his Dad brought home a PC. They quickly became best friends, as the computer was interested in Ev’s experience with the steel industry, and Ev was fascinated by the computer’s “on and off or combination thereof” view of the world. The two friends parted when Ev left for college to get a “real job,” i.e. a Masters in Physical Therapy. When he met his future wife, Erica, in Buffalo, he felt the need to pursue a more creative job.  Ev transferred to RIT- and by chance ran into his friend PC, and 3,200 identical friends like him. Armed with a degree in Film and Animation- PC and Ev went to travel and conquer the world, and subsequently ended up in Champaign, IL.

Other Staff Members

Darren Dienst
Sr. Designer

Paul Mattione
Sr. Programmer

Larry Gates
Audio Designer

George Sokol
Senior Artist

Nick Owens
Principal Artist

James Holland
Senior Artist

Ev Religioso
Principal Artist

Dave Baranec
Principal Programmer

Becky Hicks
Senior Associate Project Manager

Nathan Turner
Principal Technical Artist

Phil Alexander
Senior Programmer

James Kotzian
Associate Designer

Josh Barends

Jeff Touchstone
Sr. Designer

Seth Hawk
Senior Artist