Don Elmore

Manager, IT

Don grew up dismantling and inspecting any electronics he could get his hands on.  While he loved playing video games as a kid, his true passion was always the circuitry behind the scenes.  He also has a strange attraction to coldness.  One day he wandered into Volition’s server room, and vowed to never leave.

Other Staff Members

Mike Naumov
Associate Programmer

James Hague
Principal Designer

Luis Rios
Associate Technical Animator

Christine Amitrano
Associate Artist

Jeff Touchstone
Sr. Designer

Chris Neihengen
Principal Programmer

Justin Heath
Senior Programmer

Bryan Venzen

Darren Dienst
Sr. Designer

Stephen Tobias
Senior Programmer

Bryan Dillow
Senior Designer

Dave Baranec
Principal Programmer

Bobbi Schultz
Associate Designer

Nate Ward
Principal Programmer

James McClellan
Associate Project Manager