Devin Barkley

Senior Help Desk Manager

Devin “Reggie” Barkley can only be described by one word.  Adventure.  What drives this man to adventure?  Shelves.  That’s right.  If Reggie has one passion in life it is acquiring only the finest shelving known to man.  Reggie, like most of us, has possessions.  He needs places for those possessions, and Reggie’s possessions deserve only the finest places to be put.  There is no length Reggie won’t go to find the best shelves.  Out of stock in Chicago?  Never fear, Reggie is not afraid of a day trip to the Cincinnati Ikea with a pit stop for some delicious chili. (Highway rest stops beware)   Perfect shelving unit in Bloomington Illinois?  Reggie can conquer the confusing maze of Veteran’s Parkway’s complicated oval to find his prey.  There is no adventure Reggie isn’t willing to undertake for that perfect piece of wood to hold whatever it is he needs holding in his Reggiecave.

When he’s not out on the hunt, he can often be found watching re-runs of WKRP in Cincinnati, playing the Yard Sale video game or finding as much of Paul Reiser’s work as he can for his personal viewing pleasure.  In his dream world Reggie would be embarking on all his adventures in a custom built Saab 900 Turbo instead of his run down, rusted out crap-can named by his peers as ‘The Sausage Wagon’  Oh, he’s also a freaking wizard when it comes to electronics. PCs, A/V equipment, you name it.  There isn’t a speaker he can’t make play the sounds that are coming out of the right TV, nor a video card he can’t install.  Giant tangled messes of wires beware, Reggie Barkley is on the case.

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