Damien Allen

Senior Designer

Since the age of 13, Damien knew that he wanted to be a video game designer. Fast forward some number of years and he became one (the stuff in-between was just filler) . When he is not playing games he often spends time with his family or does you know, other stuff*.

*Other stuff may or may not include: ketchup wrestling, catsup wrestling, spaghetti sculpting, writing seven epic length poems on the social intricacies of starfish mating habits, or running.

Other Staff Members

Larry Gates
Audio Designer

David Bianchi
Senior Designer

Craig Johnson
Senior Artist

Josh Barends

Matt Upholz
Senior Artist

Matt Currey
Senior Artist

Jeff Hanna
Principal Technical Artist

Christian Naylor

Greg Moudy
Sr. Technical Artist

Don Elmore
Manager, IT

Troy Williams
Senior Artist

George Sokol
Senior Artist

Will Alberts
Senior Programmer

Katherine (Marlin) Nelson

Shawn Lindberg
Senior Programmer