Chris Neihengen

Principal Programmer

After two and a half years, Chris is now deeply entrenched in programming AI.  While his AI has yet to achieve sentience, he is still hoping that it will happen any day now.  He just hope it doesn’t turn out like HAL and kill everyone.

Other Staff Members

Casey Fish
Helpdesk Technician

Susan Cenci
Principal Artist

Eugene Bellmon

Clay Mathews
Senior Animator

Seth Hawk
Senior Artist

John Brunkhart
Sr. Designer

Jason Strauman
Associate Producer

Nick Lee
Principal Programmer

Joe Pagliuco
Associate Programmer

Mitri Vanichtheeranont
Principal Technical Artist

Troy Williams
Senior Artist

JA Campbell
Associate Writer

Jon Meilike
Senior Artist

Trever Daniels
Technical Artist

Rick Paradise
Senior Programmer