“The Art Direction of Saints Row: The Third”

Lecture by Frank Marquart at GDC 2012.

It all started with an internal joke and a word that inexplicably caught on…Exaggereal.

Exaggereal became the internal name and catchword of the new art style for Saints Row: The Third. In this presentation, Frank Marquart, the art director of both Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: the Third will chronicle the development and discuss the details of this new style and the visual leap made from SR2 to SR:TT. This talk will reveal large project goals and how exactly they filtered down to Exaggereal art goals and the seven art pillars. See concrete examples of how each pillar translated into style rules and how final art assets were affected across art disciplines.

In the chaotic, over the top world of Saints Row, only one word could hope to contain it…Exaggereal.