Volition Announces 2014 GDC Speaker Lineup

We are excited to announce the lineup of speakers and events for this year’s Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. We have 8 speakers presenting 4 sessions and 3 roundtables, all covering multiple tracks. From Greg Donovan, Producer of Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third, presenting the evolution of creating and communicating project vision, to Zach Lowery, Saints Row IV Animation Director, presenting the challenges of developing the Saints Row IV super jumping movement system. Other presentations cover open world AI, and vehicle physics in Saints Row, and roundtables that cover user experience research, tech art, and production processes.

View and download the full Volition lineup, including speaker bios and session descriptions and schedules. Presentation slides will be posted to the DSVolition.com Publications page once final.

Look up all of the talks and create your personal schedule at http://schedule.gdconf.com/list, and then access it during the show via export or with the GDC mobile app, app.gdconf.com.