Volition and Pygmalion

Throughout the past few months, we’ve been traveling around the world, showing off Saints Row: The Third. After thousands of travel miles under our belts, we finally get to take a break. This Saturday, September 24th, we only need to walk about a block West to show off our game to fans. The reason for this, is the Pygmalion Music Festival, which comes to Champaign, IL each year. It’s a five-day-long Indie Music Festival, and we’re one of the sponsors for it this year, to help bring out all these new artists to everyone in our home town.

With great music performances in the background, you might also get a chance to play Saints Row: The Third early. On Saturday, September 24th, we’ll be in the parking lot directly behind the High Dive, a local music bar, with a playable version of the game from Noon to 7 PM local time. Anyone attending the festival (there is a fee to get in), will be able to walk up, talk to some V-folks there in the booth, and of course play Saints Row: The Third.  We’ll also have a raffle going on where you can win some awesome Saints Row: The Third swag!

Below is a Google Maps layout of where we’ll be, if you want to swing by on Saturday and say hello, or find out how far away you live from Volition’s studio.

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Remember that there is a small admission fee to get into the actual event. There’s a ton of awesome music each day of the festival, so check out their official website and attend a few of the local concerts.