The United Saints of America Rising to Power August 2013 – Saints Row IV™ Announced

In Saints Row IV, the epic sequel to Ashly Burch’s 2011 Game of the Year*, Volition transforms the Third Street Saints from international celebrities to the Leaders of the Free World. The Boss of the Saints becomes President of the United States, but it’s not all drone strikes and drunk interns–Earth is invaded by galactic overlord Zinyak, and it’s up to the Saints to teach him that you just don’t mess with the U.S. of A.


Fight to free your homies from a nightmare version of Steelport using insane new weapons, out-of-this-world superpowers, and one badass robot.** Leap tall buildings, outrun sports cars, and use the power of the mind to fling enemies like rag dolls. Destroy the invaders with black hole bullets and the throbbing power of mankind’s most fiendish invention: dubstep. It’s never been more fun to hold humanity’s fate in your twitchy little hands.

This is the rowdiest, most red-white-and-blue installment of Saints Row ever.

Come save the world, Saints Style.


*For real.–whatcha-playin—best-game-of-2011

**“It’s really more like power armor.” — Kinzie

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