Volition Sends a Thank You to Troops

A few months back our GM Dan Cermak was in an airport waiting for a flight. While passing the time and playing around on his iPad, a 4-year-old boy walked up and wanted to play with the tablet. The boys mother came over, apologized for the child, but Dan didn’t mind the curiosity of the boy and he allowed him to enjoy the iPad. This turned into a conversation with the mother of the boy about their travels, and an eventual reveal that her husband happened to be overseas stationed in Afghanistan as a platoon sergeant.

During the conversation Dan mentioned where that he worked at Volition and about the games the studio creates; namely, the Saints Row franchise.  The wife mentioned that her husband was a fan of video games, and had even enjoyed some of Volition’s past titles.

Dan got the address for the FOB the Sergeant was stationed at so he could have a small care package from Volition put together.  After returning to the studio, Dan shared the experience with fellow Volitionites and it was agreed that the Pirate Platoon deserved to have some coveted Saints Row swag.

We received the following, grateful response from overseas:

To the Volition Team,

On behalf of the soldiers of Pirate Platoon I would like to say thank you.  We have been deployed now for over three months, some of us are on our fourth deployment.  The atmosphere here really sucks so it was great to get such an awesome package from your company.  The tee shirts and games are awesome.  We tried to find some near beer to put in the koozies but no luck.  As a platoon sergeant I can’t let my guys wear the tee shirts outside the little base we are on because they are not flame retardant but we took some photos with them on and will try to find some good chances in the future to take some.  I passed the games out to the guys.  They are super stoked about them.  Saints Row the Third is an awesome game and we have been tearing it up.  I would like to send a special thanks to Dan Cermak for being a great patriot and especially for being so patient with my four year old son on the flight.  Also to the creation team of Saints Row the Third, thanks for the poster and the giant purple dildo bat in the game.

Thank you very much,

Sean McCartan
Combined Task Force Arrowhead

Here’s a few pictures of the Pirate Platoon they sent us from overseas.


We hope they continue to stay safe and complete their duties for our country.  HOOAH!