Announcing the winners of our Saints Row Valentine’s Day Contest!

We had so many great entries that the company had a hard time picking our favorites! It came down to a studio-wide vote and these were our top five:

Kinzie card: Kaileigh Blue
Kinzie by Kaileigh Blue

Matt Miller card: antivanbrandy
Matt Miller by antivanbrandy

Fun Shaundi card: Ezz
Fun Shaundi by Ezz

Nobody Loves Me card: ZephiraZ
Nobody Loves Me by ZephiraZ

Your Heart is in My Territory card: Emy
Your Heart is in My Territory by Emy

And we have a special winner to announce. The entry that received the Steve Jaros Seal of Approval is…. Dex by Kaileigh Blue! He didn’t win by popular vote, but he was #1 in our hearts.
Dex by Kaileigh Blue

Go forth and spread the love this Valentine’s Day with these awesome Saints Row cards!

High Resolution versions of all of the entries can be found here.