2009 Year End Wrap-Up

It’s been a jam-packed 2009 for Volition. First and foremost, our newest title Red Faction Guerrilla was released in June and was met with mass approval throughout the gaming press. So much so, that in the wake of year-end “Best Of…” lists being prepared, RFG has been noticed quite a bit.

RFG was given the “Best Third-Person Shooter” by MetaCritic, which we are all extremely proud of.

In addition to that, TeamXBox.com has nominated RFG for “Best Multiplayer”, “Best Sleeper Hit”, and “Best Action/Adventure”.

RFG also received 3 nominations from the “Inside Gaming Awards” in the categories of “Best Control”, “Best Weapon” (Nano Rifle), and “Best Game Innovation” for our Geo-Mod 2.0 engine.

Saints Row 2 wasn’t about to be left behind and remained in the spotlight as well. Earlier this year, it was inducted into both the “Platinum Hits” collection for Xbox 360 and “Greatest Hits” collection for PlayStation 3, which is a huge achievement for any title.

This has been a fantastic year for Volition, and we thank each and every one of our fans for playing and enjoying all of our titles. Who knows what we’ll announce next year…