Associate Producer

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Volition is seeking an Associate Producer with a genuine interest in the success of others. You will be working with an experienced, forward-thinking team building large-scale sandbox games. The production responsibilities shift often, but the following provides a broad description of possible responsibilities.


  • Work with the team to identify problems and opportunities.
  • Work with the team to conceive and implement creative solutions.
  • Provide motivation and support to team members.
  • Manage deliverables or specific areas of work.
  • Regularly review the game and provide feedback.
  • Coordinate internal and external asset creation to meet project needs.
  • Maintain high level project goals and assist with project schedules.
  • Work with the QA Manager to coordinate game testing.
  • Manage the release of game content on multiple platforms.
  • Liaison with publishing and first-party to configure game services.
  • Manage age rating submissions (ESRB, PEGI, etc.).
  • Manage language localization and content regionalization.
  • Work with the legal team to review and approve game assets.
  • Support game marketing asset and promotional needs.
  • Provide playtest support and conduct competitive analysis.
  • Manage external product and website development.
  • Support the community management and research teams.
  • Complete other tasks assigned by the Producer(s).


  • Minimum 2 years of gaming industry experience.
  • An approachable, relaxed and friendly demeanor.
  • Eagerness to support a team in tasks both small and great.
  • Excellent communication, organization, problem solving & decision making capabilities.
  • The ability to manage your own time and succeed autonomously.
  • The ability to multitask and be flexible about changing role requirements.
  • Strong understanding of project management and game development methods.
  • The ability to evaluate games both as a consumer and as a professional.

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to with “Associate Producer” in the subject line.

10MB limit, valid file types: .pdf|.doc|.docx|.zip|.7zip

If you have larger content, please send it in a compressed attachment to