Spline Based Procedural Modeling in “Agents of Mayhem”

Presented at GDC 2018

Volition has created a new and powerful spline-based modeling system. This system has enabled their developers to build a city with unprecedented speed. The vast majority of environment geometry of the […]

Free Range AI

Lecture by Aaron Canary at GDC 2014.

When game worlds were simply linear presentations of rooms and corridors, it was acceptable to create AI that existed solely in those confined spaces.  As the industry moved to more […]

“Lighting and Simplifying Saints Row: The Third”

Lecture by Scott Kircher at GDC 2012.

Describes some of the key rendering technologies behind Saints Row: The Third. Main topics will be an update on Volition’s inferred lighting technology and our new automated LOD generation system. […]

“Living in a Stressful World: Real-time Stress Calculation”

Lecture by Eric Arnold at GDC 2011.

With the rise of destruction and environmental interaction in games, the need to simulate stress is becoming more apparent.  Without the ability to tower should topple you are limited to […]

Lecture by Scott Kircher and Alan Lawrence at SIGGRAPH 2009.

This paper presents a three phase pipeline for real-time rendering that provides fast dynamic light calculations while enabling greater material flexibility than deferred shading. This method, called inferred lighting, […]

“Blowing Up the Outside World: Destruction Done the Next Gen Way”

Lecture by Jeff Hanna and Eric Arnold at GDC 2009.

This session presents an in-depth look at the tools and technologies used to make a truly destructible world for RED FACTION: GUERRILLA. The presenters will share the lessons they […]