Defining a Project Vision

Lecture by Greg Donovan at GDC 2014.

Volition has experienced challenges when it comes to establishing a strong and clear project vision. Greg Donovan, Senior Producer, uses specific examples from the Saints Row franchise as well as […]

“Playtesting and Metrics: Getting the Most Out of Your Usability Testing”

Lecture by Jordan Lynn at GDC 2012.

This talk discusses how to integrate back-end datalogging into an existing playtest program to create more satisfying user experiences. Specific examples, drawn from AAA titles Red Faction Armageddon and Saints […]

“Using Studio Design Groups to Build a More Cohesive Culture and Strategy”

Lecture by Jason Scott at GDC 2012.

Building a cohesive culture across multiple projects, teams, and disciplines is a challenge for any studio. Without a common space for regular interaction and exchange, developers can easily feel isolated […]