Physics of Fun

Lecture by Dave Bianchi at GDC 2014.

One designer, 90+ vehicles, and only 6 months to go: that was the scenario David Bianchi, Designer at Volition, had coming onto Saints Row: The Third.  This talk is about […]

“Embracing the Chaos: Freedom as the Cornerstone for Open World Mission Design”

Article by James Hague for Gamasutra.

The design director of Volition/THQ’s expansive open world action title Red Faction: Guerrilla talks about the transition from being scared of player freedom to truly embracing it, including several case studies […]

“Designing for Co-Operative Play in an Open World”

Lecture by David Bowring at GDC 2010.

Engaging cooperative play in an open world is a growing challenge designers have to face. More games are allowing players to join up with friends to enjoy sandbox […]

“Breathing Life into an Open World”

Lecture by Scott Phillips at GDC 2009.

Examine the history of populating open worlds and a detailed description and post-mortem of the LIFE system developed by Volition for SAINTS ROW 2. Attendees will learn about the inspiration, […]

“Python for Technical Artists”

Lecture by Adam Pletcher at GDC 2008.

Technical Artists must constantly expand their skillsets to efficiently meet new challenges. Python is an interpreted scripting language uniquely suited to meet the increasing demands of technical art.  Python provides […]

“The Creation of Saints Row’s Open World Cityscape: Stilwater”

Lecture by Jason Hayes and Kenny Thompson at GDC 2007.

As games continue to evolve so does gameplay. With the incredible success of open world sandbox games, Saints Row is one of many that will surely follow. […]