Spline Based Procedural Modeling in “Agents of Mayhem”

Presented at GDC 2018

Volition has created a new and powerful spline-based modeling system. This system has enabled their developers to build a city with unprecedented speed. The vast majority of environment geometry of the […]

Volition sponsors the GAAM 2014 Charity Auction

Volition is proud to have sponsored the 2014 GAAM  Summer Invitational Charity Auction last month which raised over $3000 for First Coast No More Homeless Pets  and the Wounded Warrior Project . We also donated a unique piece of Saints Row IV concept art that had never been seen outside the […]

Color Management 101

Lecture by Alex Mejia

Alex Mejia, Senior Video Editor and Producer at Volition, gives an introductory overview about color management geared towards video game artists.  Key take away: Color management is so that two artists can […]

“The Art Direction of Saints Row: The Third”

Lecture by Frank Marquart at GDC 2012.

It all started with an internal joke and a word that inexplicably caught on…Exaggereal.

Exaggereal became the internal name and catchword of the new art style for Saints Row: The […]

“Unusual UVs: Illuminating Night Windows in Saints Row: The Third”

Lecture by Will Smith at GDC 2012.

This session presents a holistic case study involving HLSL shader development. Included is not only the problem and its resolution, but perhaps more importantly, an insight into the […]

“Saints Row: The Third’s Real Time Capture Tools”

Lecture by Alexander Mejia at GDC 2012.

In the past, we had several outsource partners that worked with us to help create marketing videos for Saints Row 2. Every cut we got back had bad footage because […]

“Tech-Art Driven Shader Pipelines in 3DSMax”

Lecture by Raymond Stewart at GDC 2007.

High level shader development languages have drastically altered the role of the art department in defining the final appearance of next-gen games. With this new level of control comes new […]

“Strategies & Techniques for Real-Time Shaders”

Master Class by Neil Hazzard (Autodesk) and Adam Pletcher at GDC 2005.

This two hour master class is focused on best work practices when building and editing real-time shaders using 3ds max 7 software. Shaders are tackled […]

“Art Creation for a PlayStation 2 Launch Title – The Ups and Downs of Summoner”

Lecture by Adam Pletcher at GDC 2001.

A post-mortem style rundown of the various art-related challenges we faced on the Playstation 2 RPG title Summoner.