Thaddeus Sasser

Principal Designer


Thad has been a games developer for over 15 years- that’s 105 in dog years! He’s worked on big name franchises like Call of Duty, Ghost Recon, and Battlefield during his career. A die-hard PC gamer and hard-core shooter player, Thad loves anything to do with physics – high speed objects either colliding or avoiding collision is his bread and butter: cars, airplanes, firearms, and so on. He has a particular affinity for Dalmatians and can typically be found in the company of at least one while at home. He also has a Twitter account that you can follow if you’re into that kind of thing! @dirtydeathdog

Other Staff Members

Randy Oberlerchner
Principal Programmer

John Lytle
Senior Programmer

Erica Haack
Senior HR Generalist/Recruiter

Anne Chilldon
Senior Designer

Stephen Quirk
Principal Artist

Mike Jungbluth
Senior Animator

David Kizale
Senior Audio Designer

Greg Moudy
Technical Artist

Craig Johnson
Senior Artist

Kelly Snapka
Principal Artist

Cameron Raab

Nathan Turner
Principal Technical Artist

James Torbit
Senior Producer

Jon Meilike
Senior Artist

Frank Marquart
Principal Artist