Stephen Tobias

Senior Programmer

Originally from central Florida (Ocala/Gainesville), Steve decided to enter the game industry while working on his Master’s degree at the University of Florida. The opportunity came along near the end of his degree, and seemed a lot more interesting than one of the jobs he might expect with a degree in electrical engineering. So he moved to Arizona, and worked for Artifact Entertainment and later Tulga Games as a simulation programmer. Interested in experiencing a broader range of development, he accepted a programming position at Volition in September of 2005.

Other Staff Members

Josh Barends
Associate Animator

Chad Dodson
QA Analyst

Rusty Sempsrott
Principal Designer

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Principal Technical Artist

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Senior Artist

Brian Traficante
Principal Artist

Seth Hawk
Senior Artist

Jordan Ajlouni

Devin Barkley
Senior Help Desk Manager

Ric Liu
Senior Designer

Cameron Raab

Stewart Brown

Darren Kent
Associate Programmer

Keith Self-Ballard
Principal Artist

Michael Schamer