Randy Nash

Senior Designer

From the time he played his first video game, Randy knew that this was the industry for him. Growing up building computers he always had a knack for taking things apart, figuring out how they worked, and then putting them back together (always with a few bolts left over). Randy’s first venture into creating his own game was a short text adventure made in REXX. From there he branched out into learning C++, DirectX.

It wasn’t until he started testing games that he discovered the challenges of designing a game, leading to his eventual move into the realm of a Designer. Now a days, Randy likes to balance his time between making and playing video games, spending time with family, and tinkering with his motorcycle.

Other Staff Members

Morgan Ledbetter
Associate QA Analyst

Connor Kurtz
Associate Technical Animator

Alicia McCoy
Associate QA Analyst

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Principal Programmer

Stephane LeBrun
Senior Programmer

Mitch Cronin
Associate Producer

Stewart Brown

Ryan Magliola
Associate Programmer

Larry Gates
Audio Designer

Jeremiah Zanin
Principal Programmer

Peter Hartmann
Senior Outsourcing Manager

Casey Fish
Helpdesk Technician

Kyle Hawkins
Associate QA Analyst

Pedro Yapor

Tim Wasson
Principal Artist