Nick Owens

Principal Artist

There are many, many kinds of people in this world. Of those, only two kinds of people are ever going to read Nick’s bio. One of those groups is head hunters. The other is family members who still don’t really understand what he does for a living.

Nick is a level artist, and started at Volition after a couple years at its sister company, the late Outrage Entertainment. Before that, he worked for Lockheed Martin drawing the things that blow stuff up for real. The long hours spent making games have not kept Nick from spending long hours playing them.

Other Staff Members

James Hague
Principal Designer

Nick Owens
Principal Artist

Doug Nelson
Senior Designer

Christian Naylor

James Torbit
Senior Producer

Mark Allender
Principal Programmer

Stephane LeBrun
Senior Programmer

Mike Freemon
Principal Programmer

Larry Gates
Audio Designer

Anne Chilldon
Senior Designer

Pedro Yapor

Stan Lee

JA Campbell
Associate Writer

Brandon Bray
Senior Audio Designer

Becky Hicks
Senior Associate Project Manager