Mike Wilson

Principal Programmer

It is rumored that Mike doesn’t own a pair of pants or know how to properly insert himself into a coat. This could be from his initial upbringing in the frozen tundra of Winston-Salem, NC or it could be that he lost all feeling in his body when he broke his head…6 times. Only Mike knows, or maybe he doesn’t at this point. Honestly, he’s lucky to know his name.

Other Staff Members

Jason Strauman
Associate Producer

Josh Barends
Associate Animator

Joe Taylor
Senior Programmer

Dave Andsager
Principal Programmer

Eugene Bellmon

Jason Fass
QA Analyst

Mike Freemon
Principal Programmer

Stephen Tobias
Senior Programmer

Jordan Ajlouni

Andrew Eads
Senior QA Manager

Darren Dienst
Sr. Designer I

Peter Hartmann
Senior Outsourcing Manager

Jason Scott
Principal Designer

Stephen Quirk
Principal Artist

Ryan McCabe
Senior Designer