James Taylor

Principal Artist

Growing up in a cardboard box in windy rural South Wales, James discovered art by scribbling on the walls in crayon. For many years dreamed that he would get to work as a games artist (or possibly work on science fiction movies featuring giant robots and laser whips—he was young, and there was no rush to decide).  Eventually, through the wonders of the modern interweb highway, he got a job working on GBA titles in Leeds (UK) and was partly responsible for Barbie Horse Adventures and inversely the GBA version of Max Payne.  Finally he met a lovely American girl, moved, married her, and somehow ended up in a cardboard box in windy rural Champaign working at Volition as an “artist”.  He no longer uses crayons – that’s progress for you.

Other Staff Members

Nate Ward
Principal Programmer

Matt Upholz
Senior Artist

Frank Fisher
Technical Artist

Phil Alexander
Senior Programmer

Scott Honningford
Senior Programmer

James Holland
Senior Artist

Sean Koske
Senior Artist

Bryan Mentock

Michael Ambrose
HR Generalist

Mike Freemon
Principal Programmer

Derek Wade
Associate QA Analyst

Eric Warman
Senior Artist

Stephen Quirk
Principal Artist

Bobbi Schultz
Associate Designer

Jim Boone
Studio Development Director