Greg Donovan

Senior Producer

Greg has worked in the videogames industry since 1999.  He was the lead producer on both Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third.  Before joining Volition, Greg was employed by Volition’s parent company, THQ.  Prior to working in the video games industry, Greg worked at an independent film production company in Los Angeles.  He attended graduate school at Chapman University and holds a BA from Colgate University.  Greg is originally from the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Other Staff Members

Scott Honningford
Senior Programmer

Andrew Eads
Senior QA Manager

Katherine (Marlin) Nelson

Erica Haack
Senior HR Generalist/Recruiter

Marcus Cenci
Senior Outsourcing Manager

Eric Warman
Senior Artist

Rob Gable
Production Manager

Cameron Raab

Christian Naylor

Ric Liu
Senior Designer

Jeffrey Massung
Principal Programmer

Neil Ryan
Senior Programmer

Bryan Dillow
Senior Designer

Craig Johnson
Senior Artist

Connor Kurtz
Associate Technical Animator