Frank Marquart

Principal Artist

Rocketed to Champaign to attend school at the University of Illinois, Frank escaped the destruction of his home planet. Comics, super heroes, and action figures monopolize his thoughts. He enjoys buying action figures and pretending that they are for his kids. His never-ending battle in life is to place more action figures on the top of his monitors than humanly possible.

Other Staff Members

Marc Kirkland
Senior Artist

Eric Arnold
Principal Programmer

Michael Schamer

Ed Lima
Senior Audio Designer

Stephen Tobias
Senior Programmer

James Holland
Senior Artist

Ric Liu
Senior Designer

Jasen Whiteside
Principal Artist

Brendon Ellis
Associate Audio Designer

Eric Osmundson
Systems Engineer

Mike Watson
Community Developer

Nick Owens
Principal Artist

James Kotzian
Associate Designer

Neil Ryan
Senior Programmer

Scott Honningford
Senior Programmer