Dave Baranec

Principal Programmer

Dave has been at Volition since 1997, and having spent 4 years at the University of Illinois prior to that, is coming dangerously close to having lived half his life in Champaign. Dave has watched Volition grow from ~20 people to nearly 150, and it shows no signs of stopping any time soon. He feels weird being a fossil at 29 years old.

When not pacing around his house waiting for Starcraft 2 to come out, he can be found mowing his weeds and crushing the local $150/$300 Hold `Em games in the greater Champaign area.  He is extremely proud that his younger brother is now attending the U of I this fall.

Other Staff Members

Becky Hicks
Senior Associate Project Manager

Brandon Bray
Senior Audio Designer

Mike Watson
Community Developer

George Signore
QA Analyst

Lee Imes
Senior Artist

Isaac Vanier
Senior Programmer

Joe Taylor
Senior Programmer

Frank Marquart
Principal Artist

Tony Henry
Senior Helpdesk Technician

Jason Strauman
Associate Producer

Devin Barkley
Senior Help Desk Manager

Randy Oberlerchner
Principal Programmer

Larry Gates
Audio Designer

James Hague
Principal Designer

Ric Liu
Senior Designer