Dave Andsager

Principal Programmer

Looking for interesting work he could do with a physics degree, Dave decided to stay in Champaign to be near family. He soon found Volition and discovered he could do physics work on FreeSpace, where the problems were interesting and fun.  Four games later, he’s become bitter and jaded.  Dave has flown an airplane in 15 of the 50 states, and likes to read and spend time with his 3 children. He also claims that working in a greasy pizza restaurant in Florida one summer helped push him into physics work.

Other Staff Members

Scott Honningford
Senior Programmer

Peter Hartmann
Senior Outsourcing Manager

Thaddeus Sasser
Principal Designer

Kyle Hawkins
Associate QA Analyst

Phil Alexander
Senior Programmer

Neil Ryan
Senior Programmer

Will Tam
Senior Animator

Casey Fish
Helpdesk Technician

Troy Williams
Senior Artist

Ryan Magliola
Associate Programmer

Chad Dodson
QA Analyst

Bobbi Schultz
Associate Designer

Isaac Vanier
Senior Programmer

Keith Self-Ballard
Principal Artist

Andrew Eads
Senior QA Manager