Craig Johnson

Senior Artist

Born in Southern California and raised in Illinois, Craig was schooled in Graphic Design with some post graduate work in 3D. This led him to his first job in architectural visualization. After a “very” short stint in gaming in the mid 90’s, he landed a job making art for slot machines with “Real-time 3d”.  This wondrous opportunity led Craig and his growing family to fabulous Las Vegas for many years of creating video slot art in the blistering heat. Having escaped the burning asphalt, he and his family have been transplanted to the “Ill-Noise” again, to eternally replenish their waters and make cool games in the meantime.

Other Staff Members

James Taylor
Principal Artist

Jon Breuer
Senior Programmer

Bill Sullivan
Senior Designer

Stan Lee

Rob Gable
Production Manager

Frank Fisher
Technical Artist

Clay Mathews
Senior Animator

Jeremiah Zanin
Principal Programmer

Anne Chilldon
Senior Designer

Susan Cenci
Principal Artist

Jeff Slutter
Principal Programmer

Adam Pletcher
Principal Technical Artist

Leslie Hess
Career Development Manager

Greg Moudy
Technical Artist

Will Tam
Senior Animator