Chris Neihengen

Principal Programmer

After two and a half years, Chris is now deeply entrenched in programming AI.  While his AI has yet to achieve sentience, he is still hoping that it will happen any day now.  He just hope it doesn’t turn out like HAL and kill everyone.

Other Staff Members

Dave Baranec
Principal Programmer

John Lytle
Senior Programmer

Ryan Magliola
Associate Programmer

Jeffrey Massung
Principal Programmer

Luis Rios
Associate Technical Animator

Isaac Vanier
Senior Programmer

Marcus Cenci
Senior Outsourcing Manager

Chad Dodson
QA Analyst

Will Tam
Senior Animator

Stephen Horn
Senior Programmer

Stephane LeBrun
Senior Programmer

Robert Evinger
Senior Tech Designer

Adam Pletcher
Principal Technical Artist

Pedro Yapor

Mike Wilson
Principal Programmer