Chris Helvig

Principal Programmer

Chris Helvig graduated from the University of North Carolina with what could be thought of as a Computer Science degree. He proceeded to the University of Virginia, where he got a Master’s degree in Computer Science, and published several papers on discrete mathematics. The logical next step was to obtain a job at Volition, where he worked on the first Red Faction game as an editor and AI programmer, two great things that go great together.  This was a foreshadowing of things to come, because Chris has since ping ponged between editors and AI for most of his career.  Since Punisher, when he was the lead programmer, he’s also been a lead of some sort ever since, ping ponging from systems architecture to tech directing, and doing everything in between.  He also likes ping pong and came in second in a Volition ping pong tournament.  As of this writing, he’s in the core tech group, and doing editor stuff.

Other Staff Members

Stewart Brown

Jeremiah Zanin
Principal Programmer

Brian Traficante
Principal Artist

Luis Rios
Associate Technical Animator

Sean Koske
Senior Artist

Mike Jungbluth
Senior Animator

Andy Kelts
Senior Technical Artist

Jeff Keely
Senior Programmer

Larry Gates
Audio Designer

Michael Schamer

Dave Andsager
Principal Programmer

Matt Upholz
Senior Artist

April Nance
Career Development Manager

Stephen Quirk
Principal Artist

David Cubberly
Senior Associate Producer