Adam Pletcher

Principal Technical Artist


Adam has been with the studio for 21 years.  He was the first (and only) artist on Descent, and the Lead Game Designer on FreeSpace. Since then he has filled a wide variety of Technical Art and leadership roles. Adam is currently the Studio Architect for Technical Art, helping develop core engine tools and technology for all Volition titles.

Other Staff Members

Morgan Ledbetter
Associate QA Analyst

Mike Wilson
Principal Programmer

Katherine (Marlin) Nelson

Thaddeus Sasser
Principal Designer

Luis Rios
Associate Technical Animator

Zavian Porter

Jason Strauman
Associate Producer

Stephen Horn
Senior Programmer

Becky Hicks
Senior Associate Project Manager

Tracy Becker
Accounting Administrator

David Bianchi
Senior Designer

Nicholas Sans
Senior QA Analyst

Eric Warman
Senior Artist

Scott Honningford
Senior Programmer

Chris DuBois